Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas and is enjoying the last handful of 2012 before we turn the calendar over!

So I’m still in the middle of Borderlands (and will most likely be for quite a while) and while I totally love the RPG mechanics that it employs, the rules governing ammunition storage seem a little bit silly: for each type of ammunition you carry, there is a limit that can be held at any given time.  This limit can be increased over the course of the game.

This is supremely silly.

Not the part that the carry amount can be increased, but that it applies individually to each ammo type, as opposed to ammo overall.

If a player only uses snipers and handguns, why can’t he use the space arbitrarily reserved for SMG ammo as extra sniper and handgun storage?  Or combat rifle ammo?  Or shotgun ammo?

It feels like a rule that, despite the bizzarre tone of the game, stands out as a bit ridiculous.

This may come as no surprise, but when it comes to purchasing presents for other people, I don’t do things in a timely manner.  With this in mind, you will not be shocked to learn that I was in the mall on Christmas eve looking for some presents.

So was everyone else.

The shops were pretty packed, and last minute shoppers flowed through the halls like a river during a storm; navigating the mall was a difficult task.

Making matters worse were the little kiosks that litter the hallways, temporary stands selling things like puppets, customized phone cases and lighters, etc.  The employees of these makeshift outlets are often quick to make eye contact with passerby, as many people find it hard not to at least acknowledge them when their eyes meet.

That’s when the salesman in them take over and they start pitching products.

One such lady attempted this on me as I was passing by.  Our eyes met, she gave a pleasant hello, and then asked me when I had last exfoliated.

Never in the history of sales has someone barked up so wrong a tree.

One last note, thanks to everyone who lent me a vote in the Kotaku Sunday Comics thing!  Through a bit of wacky circumstances (a technicality) Corpse Run was fortunate enough to squeak its way in!

So… thanks again!