Alrighty, the first stream of 2013 will be this Friday, January 18th at 10pm est!

I’ll be doodling stuff based off the comments in the chat, talking like a loony guy, and having a drink or two.  For the playing games portion, I think I’ll start up a Borderlands 2 campaign and have that character be the “stream character” for a while.

The stream can be viewed either here or here.

See you then!


So, for everyone who read through my absolute nightmare of an online safe driving examination last week, here’s an update on the situation:

I was directed to this particular test when I called my insurance company; they told me that we could lower our insurance rate if members of my family took the test, including myself.  A day after taking the test, I get a call from my mother.

Apparently the agent over the phone was incorrect; despite the fact that I had passed this incredibly long, annoying exam, I did not qualify for the discount because I wasn’t the primary driver listed on the insurance.

Kill me.

In an act of mercy, the insurance company will reward my torture-fest with a six month discount, as opposed to the three years I otherwise would have received.


Later that night when walking back to my apartment I saw a car whose engine had overheated and was spewing smoke everywhere.  I took it as some kind of sign.