Hey, the next livestream is this Friday, January 18th, at 10pm est!  Crazy!  I’ll be doodling, chatting, and finishing off the night with some Borderlands 2.  Should be fun, and I hope to see you guys there!

To watch the stream, either click here or here.


Jackie has been playing Lego Lord of the Rings as of late, and watching her play has been quite the experience.  At first, I was pretty surprised to see the cutscenes using all the movie’s audio, but once the gameplay started…

It was hilarious.  Outside of playing Lego Star Wars once during college while tipsy, I have no experience when it comes to the Lego “Whatever” games.  In the game, when you hit objects, pips, which I guess is a currency or something, appear.  Jackie and our friend A.C. literally ran around the Shire beating the heck out of anything and everything, reducing the quiet village to a broken, ruined land.

They stopped short of salting the earth, fortunately.

In regards to the Princess Bride bit at the end… I just like that movie and figured that meshing the two would be fun.

Though my memory of playing Lego Star Wars is foggy at best, I do recall one thing: you can kill your teammate and, when you do, pips come out.  Now, my friends and I work pretty well with each other when it comes to cooperative games, so no one killed anyone on purpose.

At first.

There was an accidental fatal friendly fire death somewhere along the way, and from that point, it was on.  Immediately upon respawning, we started killing each other until there were no pips left.

There’s a lesson in that, I imagine…