The next livestream will be this Friday, February 15th, at 10 pm est!  If you missed the last stream and wanted to watch it, it can be seen here:  part 1 (doodling), and part 2 (games).


I finally got around to finishing Borderlands 2 last week, and although I’m pretty certain that most everyone has played it already, definitely check it out if you haven’t.  It has all of the excellent gameplay of the first, but this time with an actual story. 

Seriously, Borderlands 1 had almost no narrative to speak of.  The sequel makes up for this fault in spades, and the superb voice acting is a major plus.

On the silly side of things, however, item chests are kind of weird.  Sometimes I open one, and the world’s greatest, rarest gun is inside.

Right next to a broken pea shooter.

First off, if I’m the leader of that particular bandit camp, I want someone to be using that awesome weapon; gives us a better chance to survive an attack, right?  If enemies invade the camp and we all die, that’s it.  Why not protect ourselves to the best of our ability?

Second, locks.  I’d kind of expect a village or encampment’s munitions to be under lock and key.  That way, you know, enemy forces couldn’t sneak in and steal everything.

Just saying.

I’m willing to bet that whether you live in the northeast or not you’ve probably heard about the snowstorm we got this weekend.  I’d provide a report on how much snow we got, but honestly, I haven’t been outside my apartment since Friday morning.

I haven’t even looked out a window since Friday night.

I really like the indoors, you know?