Hey, the next livestream is this Friday, February 8th, at 10 pm est!  I’ll be taking doodling suggestions from the comments section, listening to Disney music, and will probably cap off the night with some more Borderlands 2!

I’ll also try to be more rested this time around so come on down for silliness!  The stream can be viewed here or here.

See you then!


I don’t really remember what prompted today’s comic, but I’m sure the content matter is pretty universal to any kid who ever owned a pack of markers while growing up.  That, and the fact that the second your yellow marker touched ink of anything darker, it would forever be tainted; all new lines would begin with a little dark mark.


Ok, so Rich had a Superbowl party this past weekend, and outside of the mention about it on Monday, there was one thing I forgot to cover: the score pool.  Each person in attendance had to write down their predicted scores for the game, whether they were football fans or not.

It’s time to give credit where credit is due.  My friend Tom had a final score prediction of Ravens 35 – 49ers 31.  At the time of his prediction, I believe the first words out of my mouth were, “I think the Ravens are going to win, but they’re going to put up 35 points of the niners?  Impossible.”

I was right… barely.  The Ravens hung 34 on San Francisco.

San Francisco, by the way, put up 31.

To reiterate, Tom predicted a final score of Ravens 35 – 49ers 31.  The final score turned out to be Ravens 34 – 49ers 31.  Tom was an amazing one point off.

Props, Tom!

On the other side of things, Jackie predicted that the Jets would win, despite the fact that they hadn’t made the Superbowl.

Nor the playoffs.

Nor had a winning season.

We laughed it off, but come the blackout during the game, for one infinitely small moment, I had hope that the Jets would enter the stadium and somehow pull off a win.

Just for a moment.