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All the questions/statements on the “call from mom” bingo board are actual things my mother has said to me over the years during phone calls, many of which have been repeated so many times I’ve lost count.

Mom, if you’re reading this, let’s make it official!  Contrary to what mothers everywhere think, most children aren’t drug addicts who can’t find girlfriends or jobs, can’t take care of themselves, and are unable to look like a halfway decent human being.

I admit I often look and dress like a hobo, but outside of that one thing, I’m pretty alright with everything else.

This post, by the way, is brought to you LIVE from SATURDAY NIGHT!  Crazy right?  I never type updates on Saturdays!  I’ll be at a Superbowl party on Sunday, so I had to get things done tonight.

That last sentence will sound really weird when people read it on Monday…

aaaand now I’m talking to myself.

Anyways, considering it’s Saturday at the time of this writing, here’s a list of memories that were made during Sunday’s party:

Oh man, things were crazy when Tom drank a little too much and threw up in the Pokemon Card box! (no one drank too much nor vomited into a box of pokemon cards)  Can you believe the crazy guacamole [person] brought? (I’ll take this as half correct; Jackie made seven layer bean dip of the gods) The stadium security staff totally rocked that streaker. (no streaker)  I can’t believe Beyonce’s wig fell off during the halftime show! (I may have been grasping at straws with that one)  Can you believe Kapernick ran for over 100 yards, but the Niners still lost?  (Kapernick ran for 62)  How nuts was it when Rich’s couch broke due to too many people sitting?  Rich’s carpet was stained so much with wine he may as well color the rest of it red.  (both Rich’s couch and carpet survived the night.)

Come Monday night, I’ll check off what did and did not happen tomorrow… which, by the time you read this is yesterday.

My head hurts.