Hey, the next livestream is this Friday, February 1st at 10pm est!  Kick off the new month in style by telling me stuff to draw while watching me be an idiot!  It’s classy, folks, simple as that.

The stream can be viewed here or here.

See you then!


It seems as though at the end of every shower I take, there’s more hair in the drain than the last time.  As opposed to getting all depressed about slowly losing all my luscious locks, why not get a strip out of it?  Also, it gave Shower Bear a chance to make a triumphant return.

Win win.

Eventually I’m just going to bite the bullet and shave my head full time.  I’ve done it before and it looked alright.  You guys be the judge:


Finally, the Superbowl is this weekend!  Awesome!  Although the Jets are once again not playing for the top prize of the NFL, I absolutely love the sport to death and can’t wait to watch the game.  Just like the draft last year, I guess I should post a prediction.

Baltimore Ravens: 20  San Francisco 49ers: 16

The current Vegas spread for the game is San Francisco -3.5, so considering I’m picking the Ravens to win outright, I think they’re a pretty good bet if you’re into that stuff.