Just a heads up, there won’t be a stream this week; I’ll be out on a little ski trip with summer camp people!

Barring craziness, the streams will resume the following week.  See you then!


Man, Dan never understands why I do stuff.  Not even comic Dan… actual, real life Dan often feels the same way.

Suffice to say that, while I probably haven’t performed forty hours of boss farming in Borderlands 2, I have done a fair amount and probably need to slow down a bit and try another game for a while.  It’s just so gosh darn addictive, you know?

This past weekend, Jackie (and by some extension, myself) hosted a couch fort party!  It was totally awesome: we turned the living room into a giant couch fort, played board games under lantern light, and generally had a sweet time.

Extra points to Jackie, who bought dry ice for the occasion, which was used to make ice cream, chill drinks, and make atmospheric smoke!  I don’t have a bunch of good photos of the fort (most of the pictures came out too dark on my phone) but here’s a few shots from the night:

We are the most mature people on the planet!