Just another reminder that there won’t be a stream this week, sorry about that!  I expect the streams to resume the following week.  See you then!


I get the feeling that, whether you were playing on a console or PC, you’ve had moments where the game became… tense.  Tense like “everything in your life will end if I don’t get out of this sticky situation immediately” tense.

Your muscles clench, sweat production kicks off…

you lean forward in your chair.

Breathing becomes erratic; you can’t devote any brain power to even the most basic of bodily functions.  Your hearing fades away and you enter tunnel vision; there is nothing in the world except you, the controller, and the screen.

And then…


Sweet relief is quickly overcome by jubilation that demands to be expressed vocally while throwing your hands up in the air (one might say as if you just don’t care).

Then you realize that it’s just a video game and you should act your age.