Hey guys, you might have noticed that there isn’t a comic up today.  First off, allow me to apologize; one of the major things I try to be is consistent, and days like today bum me out more than I can possibly say.

The way I see it, the moment midnight strikes on Monday and Thursday mornings, it’s my responsibility to provide you guys with a strip.

Today, I dropped the ball.

To make up for it, I shall tell you the tale of how this came to be!

As many of you guys know, I was on a ski trip this weekend, and it was totally fun!  We skied, we talked, we had one of our friends (also named Alex) scalp extra lift tickets in the parking lot.  Major props to Alex, who scored our group and extra $120!

Seriously, that was awesome.

Anyways, we were to head back on Sunday, and a few things went wrong.  Remember how I tried trust falling people during the summer?

Well, someone attempted it on me.  Naturally, with my super shoddy physical abilities, I didn’t react fast enough and the girl started to drop.  I attempted to catch her, but doing so caused me to twist.

My body isn’t made for twisting.

I pulled my back, but not as bad as I have done in the past.  I was sore; but not in devastating pain.

Then I made my second mistake: I ate a leftover carrot in the fridge.

The entire drive back, I felt like something was up, but I chalked my discomfort up to my back being sore.

Once I arrived home, I told Jackie that I was going to nap for a while, which I did… or, rather, tried.  My body was so sore that I couldn’t drift off to sleep.

I lazily picked myself up and hobbled to the shower; the shower would make me feel better.

Screw that, a bath is what I needed.

Once the tub was halfway full, my stomach lurched.  “I’m totally about to throw up,” I said mentally.  There was an attempt to get out of the bath tub but, again, I am not very quick or athletic.

I vomited in the bath tub.

While I was still in it.

It crossed my mind to get out of the water, but that thought was quickly overtaken by more vomiting.

Within thirty seconds, I was sitting in a bathtub full of my own puke, with bits of carrot floating around like stars, a veritable Van Gogh of vegetables, stomach acid, and a bagel that I had eaten very early in the morning.

Once the flow of fun-juice subsided, I just sat there in the filth, defeated.  I pulled out the drain stopper and sat around while the former contents of my stomach slowly vanished down the pipes.

This left a residue of vomit all over my waist and legs.

I’ve felt better.

Without getting into too much more detail, Jackie took my temperature, which was a little over 100.


Anyways, that’s the story of why there isn’t a strip up today.  I had planned to have one done in advance, but I was unable to make it happen.  Again, my sincerest apologies.

Finally, a shot out to Jackie, who has been providing me with soup, pills, and “Airborne” all night, and is standing right next to me while I’m typing this up.  Thanks Jackie!