Hey guys, sorry again for last week’s stream going ka-blooey at the last moment.  Time Warner had an outage across the city Friday night, and considering that this is the second livestream the fine folks at TW have torpedoed, they might have it out for me or something.

Anyways, the next livestream will be this Friday, April 12th at 10pm est!



Today’s comic comes directly from a conversation I had with my friend Richard on the subway last week.  To make things work in the strip, I had to alter it a bit, so for posterity’s sake here’s a paraphrasing of the original conversation:

Something something something leading to

Richard:  I don’t like to text too much in a relationship, calling is better.

Alex:  But then she could, like… voice text you.  She could call and be all like, “Less than sign three.”

Richard:  Yeah, well then, “Eight equals equals equals equals equals equals dee.”


Richard:  Tilde.

Richard was kind enough to provide a real life beat panel, excellent!  Now, when I said that his girlfriend might voice text him, I said that for the sake of conversation, not that I think she’d actually do that.

Lima is totally awesome, and (segue time) I saw her over the weekend when we went to MoCCa fest!  It was really fun walking around, seeing artists’ booths, and just enjoying the atmosphere.

On the unfortunate side of things, I’m absolutely terrible at making conversation, which got in the way of my primary goal of the day: amassing a ton of business cards.  Every table we passed, I made an effort to grab a card in order to check out the artists’ websites later, but there were a few business cards I missed.  Those misses occurred for one of the following reasons:

1.  Table was too crowded and I couldn’t get close enough.

2.  Artist made eye contact with me, and I freaked out, causing me to bolt.

3.  Table was too empty and I feared I’d have to make conversation, which is terrifying to me.

There was one table, however, that I worked up the guts to talk to the artist: the Awkward Zombie table.  I have Katie’s strip linked in the links section, and her comic is really awesome.  I said hello and what-have-you, but for the most part I kind of stood around starstruck before buying a “Luigi’s Vacuums” patch and moving on.

If you haven’t seen Katie’s comic, check it out here!

The day ended with a trip to the movies, where we saw Jurassic Park… in three dee.  The movie is great on its own, but I will say the 3D was pretty well done.  Also, despite the fact that my bag was checked before entering the theater, I was able to successfully hide two 7-Eleven burritos and take them inside.

I must say, those burritos are totally worth it for the price.  Two for three bucks?

I’m sold.