Alrighty folks, the next livestream is this Friday, April 12th at 10pm est!  Hopefully Time Warner decides to have their service working this time around.  I’ll be doodling your suggestions, chatting it up, and playing some games afterwards!


You can view the stream either here or here.

See you then!


It appears as though I’m pretty late to the party, but I just started messing around with Skyward Sword this week.  I’m doing a run at Rich’s place, so I wont be able to devote a few days in a row to get the job done, but I’m expecting good things; according to Rich, Skyward Sword is in his top three or four Zelda games.

I, on the other hand, am already frustrated with the motion controls.  Despite the fact that the sword play is a vast improvement from the wrist shattering combat in the Wii version of Twilight Princess, I had difficulty striking precisely.

Horizontal slashes were jabbing, vertical strikes were horizontal… very rarely did Link emulate my own movements.  Allegedly, it becomes second nature.


I had a doctor’s appointment this week, fun!  The last time I saw the guy, it was early November and after some blood tests he had this to say, “See me in a month.”

So I was a handful of months late… close enough.

Anyway, after the blood test in November, my doctor gave me a call.  “How often do you go outside?” he asked.

“Almost never, once every few days I guess,” I said.

“Are you around any windows, is there much sunlight in your home?”

“Not really, I cover up my window with a blackout curtain.*”

“Ok, well, I think you should go outside more, but one way or another you need to start taking vitamin D; you have a bit of a deficiency,” he said.

“Fantabulous,” I responded.  Something to that effect.

Apparently I spend too much time indoors;  my lack of sun exposure has me rocking some low vitamin D levels.  Don’t get me wrong, I love doing stuff outside, but there aren’t a lot of outdoor activities that can be done in the city without either money or wading through crowds of people.

So… hooray vitamin D pills!

* – Best Buy blanket from my adventures in retail