Let it be known that this day, April 29th, 2013, marked the first time in recorded history in which humans no longer had an excuse not to know the order of weapon rarity.

White, green, blue, purple, orange.

Taking the recent update of Borderlands 2 into consideration, however, the age-old phrase might need revising…

When grandma burps, patrick obeys promptly

Yeah… that sounds pretty swell.

Jackie and I, like a lot of folks our age, sometimes leave dishes in the sink for longer than necessary.  Whatever “longer than necessary” means for most people I’m not sure, but I get the feeling that we went well over that time designation over the last few weeks, as we had a bit of an issue with the sink Sunday morning.

By “issue” I mean major catastrophe.

The sink was literally filled with water; one of the smaller pots was literally floating around like a boat on the open seas.  This water wasn’t pristine, clear fluid by the way; it was murky, oily, and had little bits of organic material flowing through natural waterways created by landmasses of dish-ware.

The sink was an ecosystem.

Adding to the issue was the the water level never seemed to decrease; it was clogged up tight.

Jackie, the more resourceful roommate, jumped into action.  She removed a pot from the sink (disturbing the environment and kicking up particles that had settled to the dark depths) and began bailing out the sink.

We spent the next half hour or so scooping water into pots and pans, walking to the bathroom, and depositing the payloads into the bathtub, taking extra care not to get any fluid in the christmas tree stand.

If the last bit of that sentence doesn’t make sense, we keep our christmas tree stand in the shower during the non-merry seasons.

We’re clever.

Anyway, the sink is currently undergoing care administered by one Mr. Plumber, who boasts his “lab tested #1 professional formula” will deliver guaranteed performance.

It is also harmful if swallowed, and can burn eyes, skin, and mucous membranes on contact.