Quick shoutout to Kaynil, who posted in the (mostly dead) forum this week!  Maybe folks might start chatting it up again!

One of the first nights of our Skyward Sword playthrough (which is still going on at the moment), we were confronted with the puzzle shown above.

Actually, that’s a bit inaccurate; I was confronted with the puzzle, Rich had played SS before.  Anyways, the moment I needed to cross the quicksand, I immediately went into the inventory fully expecting to combine the Gust Bellows and Sailcloth.

It was the most obvious way to cross the distance, and I was totally flabbergasted when item combining wasn’t an option.

I mean, come on, the Gust Bellows’ own description states that it never runs out of air, and it’s capable of pushing some pretty heavy stuff around… why can’t Link use this as a means of flying when combined with the Sailcloth?

I suppose it would make dungeons way too easy; you could just fly over most enemies and obstacles…

Link probably wouldn’t even need the bird anymore.  Heck, Link should visit the armor upgrade guy, maybe he could fashion a set of wings for him to use.  Imagine a flying Link… Ganon would have no idea what hit him.

In other news, the bathroom sink is still clogged, so I’ve been using the bathtub faucet to wash hands/brush teeth.  At first it seems kind of weird, but really it’s the same thing as using the sink.

Jackie and I really know how to live the luxurious life.