Okie dokie, the next livestream is this Friday, June 14th at 10pm est!  We’ll start with some chat suggested doodles and then move into games, where I’ll be picking up where we left off in Ocarina of Time!  If I remember correctly, I had just finished the Forest Temple, so Fire’s next!

You can watch the stream by clicking either here or here.

See you then!


It seems as though everyone and their dog has been taking potshots at Microsoft for their absolutely horrific E3 showing, and they’re not without good reason.

Microsoft showed off a DRM ridden device that severely hamstrings a consumer’s ability to play, lend, and sell games.  The Xbox One (not so lovingly dubbed Xbone by many) also has a camera which can be “turned off” but is still always listening, so I’m not sure what “off” means to Microsoft.  Finally, if you’d like to purchase this limited gaming capability spy machine, you’ll have to shell out 100 bucks more than the PlayStation 4.

I don’t have the money for either of them, but when I eventually do, I definitely won’t buy Microsoft’s offering…

…which I’m bummed about, because I really really like the 360 controller.

Apologies, by the way, to Don Mattrick; as always when I’m doodling real life people, I often fail miserably.  He’s also the target of a ton of the Xbox One criticism, which must totally suck.  I hardly think this one guy alone is deserving of all the hate coming towards him.  That said, MS really dropped the ball so far and I hope they are open to changing their DRM policies down the road.

So I’m not at E3… but some of my friends are!  Chris (the Tebow guy on the livestreams) Rich (oft-mentioned) and Lizzy (only met her a few times, but she’s super cool and a fantastic artist) are all there, and have been posting… vines?  They’ve been posting whatever it is that “vines” are from the event.  Here are a few of my favorites:

The three of them arriving at E3:

Rich models a car, which I guess is kind of like a game:

Chris films the super sexy back of some convention goer:

Super sneak peek of The Elder Scrolls Online:

Rich shows off another totally maybe video gameish automobile:

Someday, someday I’ll go to E3 and see cars too.