Hey guys, guess what?  The last livestream of the summer is this Friday, June 21st at 10pm est!  I’ll be up at my summer camp after this week and won’t be able to stream due to their lousy internet connection.  There will be doodling, chatting, and for the gaming portion we’ll finish off the Ocarina of Time run that we’ve been doing the last few weeks!  Wooo!

See you then!


Probably the last Skyward Sword strip you’ll see in a while; the “running up the walls” concept was the last note I had left from playing the game.  Well, the last note that would have made for an appropriate comic, anyways.  For those unfamiliar with Skyward Sword, Link has the ability to sprint up walls, allowing him to grab ledges, pull switches, etc.  Sprinting is also very convenient for quickly traveling.

Unfortunately, 99.9% of the time I attempted to leave a building I’d absentmindedly miss the door and sprint up the wall.  No worries, I’d just reorient myself and-

sprint up the other wall.

I might be the worst Zelda player in the history of the franchise.

It was Father’s Day this weekend.  Neat!  I took the train home on Saturday and when I arrived, my mother asked me to help move boxes in the basement.  We went through a bunch of my old nonsense, where we found a ton of doodles I made as a kid.

They were… not great…

…to say the very least.

Anyway, we eventually came across a really beat up, dingy suitcase that was so old, the zippers had rust shut.  We took it up to the kitchen and cut it open with a steak knife.  Inside, we found…

two human skulls.

That’s not a joke, there were actually human skulls inside.  Normally, when someone makes that kind of discovery there’s a good chance he’d freak out/assume he just accidentally completed a century old ritual causing the deceased to reanimate.

Not so for us.  Before he retired, my dad was a dentist and had kept tons of stuff from dental school, including skulls.  We placed them aside and continued rummaging through the suitcase.

I pulled out a little knife which was snuggled inside a leather belt holster.  Upon removing the cover, we saw that the knife was super rusty.  Naturally, I waved it around like an idiot, yelling, “who wants tetanus?!”

I put that knife away, reached again into the bag, and removed another knife.

A butterfly knife.

My friend Mike had a butterfly knife-style pen once that he taught me how to use.  I figured I’d be able to expertly flip the knife open, but never got the chance; like the suitcase zippers, the knife was rust shut.  Not to be outdone by rust, I tried to pry it open.  The hinge started to give way and-


Oh… I guess want tetanus.

did pry the knife open, but cut my thumb in doing so.  Just like the first knife, this one was totally rusty.

aaaaaaand that’s why you shouldn’t try to pry open a 40+ year old rusty butterfly knife with your bare hands.

On the plus side, my tetanus vaccination is now up to date!