Well folks, this past Friday was the last livestream of the summer, so it’ll be another few months until the stream returns.  I’d like to thank you guys who came and watched; you make doing the streams totally fun and worthwhile!

To those of you who stuck around to the very end, my hat is off; that was a pretty long stream!

If you missed the stream and wanted to check it out, you can view it here: drawing part, finishing up Ocarina of Time (from Under the Well to the Finale)


Whoa, what’s this?  A Zelda strip from an older Zelda game?  Crazy!

I was going to be back in New Jersey last week to drive my mother home from a knee surgery, so I figured I’d run through Link to the Past while there.  I didn’t finish it yet, but I’m sure I will sooner or later.

While the Pegasus Shoes are a particularly useful item (especially for travel) their use in puzzle solving seems a bit silly to me.  Using the boots allows Link to dash forward at high speeds with his sword pointed forward, but a sword isn’t a blunt tool… it shouldn’t be that useful for smashing.  I imagine that the blunt force of Link’s body is what does the real damage.

But the Pegasus Shoes are used for more than breaking through walls and stones.  Early in the game, Link needs to grab a book on top of a shelf.  Rather than, I don’t know, grab a chair or something, Link needs to use the shoes to smash face first into the bookshelf, causing the book to fall to the ground where he can pick it up.

Really?  Even if Link isn’t tall enough to reach the book, couldn’t he use his sword to nudge it a little?  Stand on his tippy toes?  Find the librarian?

With all the blunt force trauma he’s taking to the head, Link might not even be able to read the book.

One way or the other, though… pink haired Link.  Everyone loves pink haired Link, right?