FF7 spoilers?

I had finished up that FF7 run a month or so ago, but I still had some notes from the playthrough.  I’m going to assume that everyone, regardless of whether or not s/he’s played FF7, is aware that Aeris (or Aerith, whatever) dies halfway through the game.  That information just seems like common knowledge by now.

I mean, the game came out sixteen years ago.

That said, sorry if I spoiled the first act climax of FF7.  Oops.

Anyway, while clutching her still warm body, Cloud starts listing off his physical sensations brought on by greif, which I always though was kind of a silly thing to do.  Silly, silly Cloud… go lie about your past some more.

As I’ve mentioned numerous times here in the blog posts, my roommate Jackie is a teacher!  Neat-o!  Often times when she comes home she’ll talk about her day: what the kids did, nightmare public transportation stories, etc.

This past Monday was no different; when she arrived we sat in the living room and she talked about what math her kids were learning.  Remember learning the order of operations?  PEMDAS: Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally?

Parenthesis, exponents, multiplication & division, addition & subtraction.

Jackie asked if I could think of something other than “please excuse my dear aunt sally” that might serve as a fun phrase for her students to use.

Initially, I tried to think of some kid friendly stuff, but things quickly ended up in the gutter.

“Penis envy…” I started, “might discourage…”

“anal sex!” added Jackie.

We shared a brief moment of silence to appreciate our new creation, and then burst out laughing.

From Jackie and me to you, feel free to use “penis envy might discourage anal sex” anytime you’re having trouble figuring out your math homework.

It’s teacher approved!