I frequently wake up in the middle of the night with ideas (for comics or otherwise) and write them down for future use.  Significantly more often than not, these “ideas” are unintelligible scribbles that, even if I can read them, don’t actually make sense,

It was about time I honored that with a comic!

Camp story time.  Every session new kids arrive, the staff must execute a few safety drills and report our completion times to the state health department.  These drills are to be done within forty-eight hours of the kids’ arrival.  Like most any other place, one of the drills is a basic fire drill.

The second is the Lost Swimmer Drill.

The poorly acronymed (LSD) drill requires the best swimmers on the staff to sweep the swimming area of the lake by diving down to the bottom over and over again until the entire location has been covered.  It’s a tough drill to execute, and is extremely tiring for the dive team.

Like any other summer, we had our LSD a few days ago, but this time it came with a cute/silly wrinkle.  One of the campers, a little girl from the youngest cabin, saw that her counselor was running toward the lake and was about to dive in.

The kid totally thought she was going for a relaxing swim, so she jumped in after her, all smiles.

Naturally, we got her out of the water and up to the basketball court for our required headcount, but it was still kind of adorable.