No, I didn’t purposely drop any carnival prize fish.  I didn’t even win one of them.

A number of our camp counselors did, however.  Every year for the fourth of July we try to take the staff out to a local carnival to give them some relaxation time and a chance to bond.  This year was no different!  We had awesome carnival food, rode rides (I held everyone’s bags, I get sick on those things), and saw a sweet fireworks display.

Somewhere in between a bunch of our staff located the ping pong toss, where if you throw your ball into a fish bowl, you win a little goldfish.  A bunch of them won, and almost half tried to give their prizes away two seconds later after realizing the camp cabins are not a suitable environment for small aquatic life.

Also, they couldn’t be placed in the lake; bigger fish would immediately devour them.

Carnival fish… not the pinnacle of evolution.

Birds, on the other hand, those guys are much higher up the ladder.  One bird in particular decided to demonstrate that fact a few days ago when it pooped on me and flew away.  The airborne fecal matter struck me on the left temple, where it then slid down to my shoulder.

Every time the “getting pooped on by a bird” thing happens, I hear the same speech, “Oh!  That’s good luck!”

Maybe it is, but I hopped in the shower to clean up and when I put my head under the water, some leftover crap dislodged and slid…

right into my mouth.

Curse you, bird, curse you!