I picked up Civ 5 during the Steam Summer Sale and while I haven’t had a heck of a lot of time to play it, I’ve been able to mess around a little bit.

So far, I can say I enjoy it a lot more than Civ 4, in which turns felt significantly more time consuming, especially when in military conflict.  Removing military unit stacking is awkward at first, but quickly becomes second nature and really forces the player to think about strategic unit placement.

Also, I really dig the social policy system, although I feel like certain paths are much stronger than others.

Then again, I haven’t played it enough to really say for sure.

Just a quick camp story today, this one relayed to me from a counselor named Brenda, who is the Cabin Leader of the youngest girls’ cabin:

A little girl picked up a rock and started showing it to her friends, exclaiming that it was her “pet.”

“It has these little horns on it,” she said, “so it’s name is Horny.”

Long live Horny, hard as a rock.