In my still extremely limited Civilization 5 experience, I’ve run across a civilization that, for some reason completely outside my understanding, possesses absolutely no survival instincts.

The Polynesians, led by the brain dead Kamehameha, declared war on me.  Right off the bat this seemed like a bad plan, as I had totally passed them in every technological field, had more cities with which to produce military units, and had large stores of cash on hand to buy instant units should the need arise.

It was like a baby starting a fight with a gorilla.  Suffice it to say that within a few turns I had my entire naval fleet bombarding the heck out of every costal Polynesian city.

Unfortunately for them, the map was a large archipelago, so every city was a costal city.  A few short turns after that, I had captured and annexed a few of those cities.

At this point, Kamehameha gives me a ring and asks to negotiate peace.

He wasn’t a threat to win the game, so I decided to talk.  Offered to me were a number of his cities in exchange for peace.  Before accepting, I wanted to press him a little, so I asked for more of his cities in the peace deal.

No go.

Ok, that figures.  I removed the extra cities and was about to accept the peace agreement, but I figured I couldn’t just accept his deal so easily; I wanted to press again.

I requested fifty gold in addition to the cities.

No deal.

Ten gold.

No deal.

Five gold.

No deal.

Five gold.  All he had to add to the deal in order to ensure peace for his nation was five measly pieces of gold, and he wouldn’t do it.  What a cheapskate that guy is.

I ultimately decided to accept his initial deal of those few cities, figuring that it wasn’t worth risking a few of my units in order to acquire such technologically stunted societies.

Once the peace treaty expired ten turns later, however, I took his remaining cities and wiped him off the map.

I couldn’t resist.

On a final note, I was at a dairy farm yesterday picking up some rental vehicles for camp and saw, amongst other animals, this absolutely tiny kitten:

He refused to look at the camera (I guess he was scared of it) so I only got a shot from behind.  Fortunately, once the camera was gone I was able to pet him and stuff.  Totally fun little cat!