I know it’s a video game and all, but so often we see villains that erect impenetrable fortresses…

…except for a few things.  Those things could be a small ventilation shaft, an easily accessible sewer system right under the computer mainframe, or in the case of Zelda games, a castle that sports treasure chests containing exactly the items required to continue on.

Come on, Ganondorf… at least lock the friggin chests.  Heck, store them in the throne room, Link would be unable to get there.

Donate them… anything really.

On a real life note, there are coyotes up where my summer camp is located.  They usually don’t come around during the day, but I happened to see one driving back from a camper’s doctor appointment.  Anyway, a few nights ago, a group of counselors heard some howling and, despite it flying in the face of every survival instinct we have, they decided to check it out.

What they found was pretty gruesome, I was told.

Apparently there was a freshly dead horse which was partially eaten.  I guess the coyotes took off once they heard the counselors walking by.

Freaky stuff, that.

Also, something something dead horse joke.