Today’s strip marks the last time I’ll have drawn a comic while up at camp, I can’t believe the summer is already coming to a close.

Chances are that as you’re reading this, I’m driving back to the city with a van full of international counselors who I’ll be dropping off over the course of the day.  They’re all super cool people and the ride should be pretty fun!

A few housekeeping notes: even though camp is now over and I’m on my way back home, I’ll still be bouncing around a bit, meaning that the livestreams won’t start up right away.  I intend to get those back up and running as soon as possible, so be on the lookout for those updates!

I’m craving an RE4 run for the gaming portion, but we’ll see…

Quick story from Friday night: Friday night was the last night for the campers, and very often a few Camp Committee members (older folks who take care of the business/logistics end of camp) will be present.

Each of my camp slideshows begin with clips of me writing out the camp name, session, and year, and near the start of that portion, my desktop background which features this image is visible.  After viewing the slideshow, a committee member asked me if I was a Brony.

While I don’t think I super associate with the term, I just said “yes.”

“Oh…” he followed up, “are you a clopper?”

It was weird enough for a guy roughly twice my age to ask me about ponies, but I totally did not see the clop comment coming.

I asked where he even picked up that term, “Howard Stern,” he said.

Howard Stern… teaching the masses about clopping.

What a guy.


Two quick notes.  First, now that the question has come up, no I don’t clop.  That said, I really have no issue with what people do in private, so if you’re into it, keep on trucking!

Second, and I forgot to mention this in the previous post, but I have now seen a picture of the dead horse that was found last week.  It… wasn’t as freshly dead as I was initially led to believe: this thing basically had no belly, just a canopy of skin supported by its ribcage.

Looked pretty neat, but most likely smelled awful.