I haven’t actually played Skyrim recently or anything, but a friend of mine has and she’s got me thinking of making a new character.

Or at least thinking about Skyrim related strips, anyway.

So remember before I left for camp this summer when Jackie and I were having issues with clogged drains?  As a quick recap: our bathroom sink, bathtub, and kitchen sink were all clogged.  Jackie was able to successfully snake the bathtub.  I managed to destroy the kitchen (but then put a new pipe in, and Jackie snaked).

While we expertly fixed two clogs (debatable) the bathroom sink was still messed up when I left, and it never entered my mind over the course of the summer.

I was driving back home on Monday and when I arrived, Jackie wasn’t home.  After unpacking my stuff, I went to the bathroom and saw this:

It’s a little hard to see, but that’s a plastic tube going from the sink basin to the bathtub.

It might be safe to say that we’ve raised the white flag on this one.