You ever need to go to the bathroom?  Sure you do.  You think you might be in there for a while, so on the way you make sure to grab your smartphone.

You comfortably settle onto the toilet and begin to web browse, play a game, watch something on youtube… anything to stay entertained in the most unnecessary of times.

But you’re about to be interrupted.  Just as your bowels begin to move-

ring ring ring

As a force of habit you answer the phone, and immediately realize your mistake.  “Hello?” you manage to squeak out in pained tones, sounding like you’re at mile fourteen of a marathon.

Everyone has done this at some point, or at least I’d like to think so.

That, or I just made a comic to explain why I sounded exhausted while I was on the phone with a friend a few days ago.

So… yeah.

One story I forgot to mention last week, by the way.  We hit a number of tolls while driving back from camp on Monday, and the price of each toll was fluctuating pretty wildly.  This was not due to severely different pricing across NY/NJ, but because we were driving in a commercial van (one of those big, white, unmarked dealies).

Each toll came to a different conclusion on whether or not we were considered residential, small class, large class, or tuck.  Our plan of attack was to have the small class amount of cash at the ready, and then add more if the toll attendant required.

When we hit the Lincoln Tunnel, I had thirteen bucks (the regular car amount) ready to go.  I pulled up to the window and handed the attendant the cash.

“You need twenty-one, your vehicle is large,” she said.

Shucks.  I turned to grab my wallet.

“Oh,” she said, “you’re getting the money?”

“Yeah,” I responded, kind of confused, “if I need to pay more, I need to pay more.”

“Wow, you’re not cursing me out, you can just pay the thirteen,” she said and handed me a receipt.

Remember folks, if you’re not a jerk to toll attendants, nice things happen!