There are a lot of things that I do that I regret.  I’m not sure if google image searching “gonorrhea” falls under the regret category, as I wanted to see what a bad infection looks like for the purposes of the strip, but it certainly comes close.

Also, don’t image search “gonorrhea.”

I’ve done it so you don’t have to.

You know how some people stare off into space when they’re thinking?  I do that as well, but instead of staring up and away from things, I usually stare directly forward.

Normally this isn’t a problem as most of my thinking takes place in the privacy of my apartment, more often than not when I’m totally alone.

I was not alone, however, at a Starbucks this morning.  I was reading some notes/burning some time before an interview (I’ll let you guys know how that goes once I find out!) and was running some potential questions/responses in my head.

Thinking mode thoroughly activated, my eyes locked straight forward and, while I imagine they still sent visual information to my brain, none of it was registered.

Thinking thinking thinking

The moment my thought ended, I suddenly realized that I was locking eyes with a middle aged man sitting at a table roughly ten feet away.

…apparently for a considerable amount of time.

He give me a weird angry/stink-eye look and left.

I sat facing the wall for the remainder of my time there.  You know, just in case I accidentally stared down anyone else.

One final note: the livestreams will be back soon!  I’m shooting for next Friday as the start date, but I need to see how the rest of the week plays out first.  Once I know for sure, I’ll let you guys know!