Hey folks, I’m now back into my regular schedule, so you know what that means… THE LIVESTREAMS ARE BACK!  Woooo!  YEAAAAHHHHHHHHH…

… and so on.  Anyways, the next livestream will be this Friday September 6th, 2013 at 10pm est!

See you guys then!


It’s been a while since there was a Tales of Symphonia strip, which really goes so show how long it’s been since I’ve done a run.  While I’m not playing it at the moment, Rich is, and with the co-op option I was able to tag along on his playthrough the other night.

In the game, Zelos has a pretty sweet ability: if he is set as the player icon for running around towns/dungeons/etc, every female he talks to will give him either money or items.  While running through Flanoir, Rich had Zelos talking to every girl in town (as a matter of routine), and eventually we came across a little girl standing next to a shop.

“Hey there sweetie,” Zelos said.  (he might have called her hunnie, but I’m paraphrasing here)

“Come play with me Mr. Zelos!” she exclaimed.

Acquired Cucumber.

Rich and I slowly and silently turned to each other, pretty weirded out.

Now, ToS has a cooking feature where you can make dishes at the end of battles to increase health, TP, etc, and this girl just happened to give us a food ingredient, but “come play with me” combined with a cucumber is… alarming.

You’re weird sometimes, Tales of Symphonia.