Alrighty guys, it’s that time again… STREAM TIME!  The next livestream will be this Friday, September 6th, at 10pm est!  I’ll be doodling your suggestions, chatting it up, and playing games afterward… come and check it out!

You can watch the stream here or here.

See you then!


Hey, so remember last week when I mentioned that I had an interview?  Well, I GOT THE JOB!  Woooo!  It’s like a real life job in an office with a desk and everything!  As far as I’ve been aware, those jobs only existed on TV and in the movies.

Also, I can now totally afford to buy not horrible food!  From here on out, breadcrumbs will just be part of a meal, not the meal itself.

Oh, and the job has regular 9-5ish hours, so it won’t get in the way of the livestreams, so that’s another plus!

Okie, with that out of the way… storytime:

I was getting coffee one morning (cause you know… regular job and all that) and while waiting for my drink, one of the baristas calls out “Medium sweet tea, four splendas!”

A lady near the counter nastily responds, “It was supposed to be six splendas, but I guess I’ll take it.”

I’m not sure if the employee was really zealous about making beverages or if it was store policy, but he began to make her a new drink.

Now first off, couldn’t the customer just take her drink to the milk/sugar area and add two splendas on her own?  She was really gonna make the poor guy get her another drink?  Second she ordered a sweet tea, it’s sweet already.

Third, six splenda packets seems way too much to me.

Anyways, the guy hands her the new, extra sweetened tea.  The lady takes it and also takes the first tea, which she then added two splendas to on her own, something she could have just done in the first place.