The next livestream will be this Friday, September 20th at 10pm est!  I’m gonna try something a little different this week; instead of the regular doodling portion, I’m gonna just plough right into playing Resident Evil 4 and see how that goes.  We’ll be starting off right at the entrance to the castle just outside of the village!

See you then!


So I’ve been playing a lot of Fire Emblem: Awakening recently (mostly on the train) and I’ve got to say it’s absolutely awesome.  This is the first Fire Emblem game I’ve played, and I really think that I’ll have to check out the rest of the series in the future.

Anyways, every battle map has a few sparkly squares which give you items/experience when you end a turn on them.  Each character has a set of dialogue that they blurt out on these squares and, depending on the found item, often times is silly.  It’s a log, Donnel, I’m pretty sure you’ve seen those back on the farm, and they aren’t so amazing anyway…

…or are they?

So back during the summer, my sister bought me a bacon scented candle for my birthday, which was awesome!  It smells totally bacon-y.  Once back in my apartment, it got me thinking that I should start doing the scented candle thing.

Unfortunately, I didn’t want my apartment to smell like bacon all the time, so I’ve yet to actually light the bacon candle.  That said, I bought a little vanilla scented one a few weeks ago as a test and it went pretty well.

This past week, I returned to the store to get a larger one, also vanilla.  I lit the wick, and within minutes the smell filled the room.

As far as I’m aware, there’s not that much variation to vanilla; saying something is “vanilla” means it lacks variety.  Apparently the folks that crafted this candle didn’t get the message.

This candle doesn’t have a smell.

It has an odor.

And it’s not vanilla.  I can’t really describe the smell this thing puts out, but it’s not pleasant.  Jackie came into the room the other day and couldn’t tell what smell the candle was supposed to be.

She also suggested that in the future, I should go with “laundry smell” candles.

I think I might do that, but for now, I’ll stick with the gross vanilla.

Gotta get my money’s worth.