Hey guys, its that time again!  Livestream time!  The next stream will be this Friday, September 20th at 10pm est.  Like I mentioned on Monday, I’m gonna try doing a stream sans doodling, which means there’s extra time for games!

We’ll be picking up where we last left off in Resident Evil 4 (which is still pretty early into the game), so if you wanna see a chunk of RE4 and ask me questions/laugh at how horrible I am at playing, come check it out!

To watch the stream, click either here or here.

See you then!


My first playthough of Fire Emblem: Awakening continues and I really can’t get over how much a breath of fresh air this game is for me.  I never really play tactics games outside of Civilization, so this is a nice change-up from the Borderlands 2 dominated last few months.

Not that I don’t like Borderlands, cause it’s totally awesome, but I really needed a break.

Anyway, in an attempt to stay PG, characters in Fire Emblem refer to less than favorable types as “dastards.”

I’m aware that dastard is a word, but it’s not commonly used as an insult anymore.

Or for the last century or two.

Sure, it’s more kid friendly than saying “bastard,” but this is a military tactics game… we’re killing people.

I think we can handle Chrom and company dropping the “B” bomb.

Better yet, they should make up some curse words.

Words like knatgap.

Yeah, that totally sounds like it could be a curse word.

Now I kind of want everyone to make up their own curses in the comments below.  Fun!