A few weeks ago, in the interest of having more time to finish up Resident Evil 4, I removed the doodling part of the streams.  Well guess what?


We’ll still play games afterward (continuing the Tales of Symphonia run that we started last week) but the stream will start with the traditional “doodling the stuff you post in the comments” thing.

That said, the next livestream will be this Friday, October 11th at 9pm est!

See you then!


Before we get to the meat of the post, there’s another announcement…


Last year I called out to you guys to send photos of your best Halloween costumes, and the call was answered!  A bunch of you sent in shots of your awesome costumes and gave me and Jackie a lot of trouble picking out winners.

It’s October again, so I guess it’s time to put out the notice: the contest is back, and the winners this year will be receiving buttons (which I guess will be the tradition).  What will the buttons be this time?  Why, the shower bear of course!

Halloween this year falls on a Thursday, so in order to allow for weekend Halloween parties, the deadline for costume photos will be Monday, November 4th.

You can send costume shots to [email protected] with the subject “Halloween Costume Contest.”

Finally, a quick story/life lesson.  When picking out something to eat, I often go for the easiest/quickest thing.

This is usually a bad choice.

My diet on Saturday consisted mostly of old brownies.

I recall mentioning to Jackie at some point that I felt really dizzy, to which she suggested that I get something to eat.  I did.

More brownies.

Fast forward a few hours and I found myself face down in a toilet bowl.  After finishing up a round of vomiting, I attempted to relax with a nice shower.

Those of you who remember comic 289.5 might see where this is heading.

Sure enough, while showering I felt that familiar abdominal lurch, but this time around I was able to make it to the toilet before emptying the contents of my stomach for a second time.

Go me!