Okie, the next livestream is this Friday, October 11th at 9pm est!  Remember, the doodling portion will be back, so if there was anything you wanted me to haphazardly scribble, this is the time!

Afterwards, we’ll continue the Tales of Symphonia run.

You can view the stream either here or here.

See you then!


Speaking of Symphonia, we have a Symphonia strip today!  That hasn’t happened in like, a while!  (actually I just remembered there was one pretty recently)

…but on to more pressing matters.

Jackie often watches me when I’m drawing, and while we usually talk about stuff to stay entertained, I’ll often have music playing in the background.

When the music isn’t Disney or showtunes, it’s generally My Little Pony, or MLP fan stuff.

When it’s MLP fan stuff, it’s more often than not Friendship is Witchcraft.  (if you haven’t seen it, by the way, check it out!)

There’s a particular scene in the FiW series that really speaks to me, and goes a little something like this:

Moving stuff.

Anyways, though Jackie is not a fan of the ponies, she does get a kick out of that particular scene, so when she walked in while I was making today’s strip, I queued it up.

We had our little laugh, but then we noticed there was another video that came up in the search; this:

I’d like to be able to tell you that we quickly turned it off, but no; we listened to it for a few minutes and tried to carry on our conversation.

We were… unsuccessful.