Okie dokie, the next livestream will be this Friday, October 18 at 9pm est!  I’m really glad we brought the doodling back in the mix, it was really fun (despite the fact that I was sniffling and coughing and stuff)!

If you missed last week’s stream and wanted to see it, view it here:  doodling part, Tales of Symphonia part (second leg of the run, in which I die a million times in the early going)


Before the regular post stuff, I’d just like to drop a reminder about the Second Annual Corpse Run Halloween Costume Contest!  If you’re itching to win a crummy little Shower Bear button, pin… thing… send us a photo of your Halloween costume by Monday, November 4th!  We’ll work a little bit of judging magic and pick three winners!  Neat!

Submissions can be sent to [email protected] with the subject “Halloween Costume Contest.”

Happy costuming!

So about today’s comic… I get the feeling that this is one of those obscure ones.


Then again, everyone’s seen The Shawshank Redemption, right?  It’s a pretty popular (and fantastic) movie, and even if people haven’t seen it, chances are they at least know or have heard the “get busy living, or get busy dying” line.  Unless I’ve totally lost my mind, it’s an iconic speech.

Anyways, in Fire Emblem, as characters build relationships the player can view little skits (conversations) between the budding friends.  One such skit between Cynthia and Severa starts off with Cynthia testing out a catchphrase to use in battle, which goes like this:

“Get busy dying, or get busy dying MORE!”

As I stated before, I may have lost my mind, but if that’s not a call out to Shawshank, then it’s certainly the coincidence of the century.

One way or another, I figured Cynthia would have a suggestion or two to spice up Andy Dufrense’s speech.

So yeah, totally not an out there strip… makes complete sense.


Something that didn’t make sense this week involves Jackie’s Xbox 360.  After years of solid service, it finally red ringed a few days ago.


Since that time, Jackie has used the 360 as a glorified phone charger, using the usb ports, red ring blinking all the while.

Fast forward to Sunday morning.  Jackie’s parents stopped by, and while talking to them she mentioned the death of her Xbox.

“See?” she said, hitting the power button to show them the red ring.

Except there was no red ring; it booted up perfectly, as if divinely healed.

There’s only one lesson I get from this: if your system red rings, plug your phone into it for a few days.  Chances are it won’t change anything, but hey, can’t hurt, right?