It’s Halloween today!  Neat!  I’m sure you guys will be dressing up tonight and over the weekend for holiday parties, so make sure to snap a photo or two and send it in!  You have until Monday, November 4th to send in costume photos.

If you’re one of the three winners (selected by the ever so fashionable Jackie and me), you’ll receive a totally cool Shower Bear button!  THAT’S CRAZY!

Enter by sending your costume photo to [email protected] with the subject “Halloween Costume Contest.”

Good luck!


The next livestream will be this Friday, November 1st at 9pm est!  I’ll be doodling your suggestions from the comments section, and will continue the Tales of Symphonia run afterward!

Like I mentioned earlier this week, the slowdown issue with ToS should be solved moving forward.  Sweet!

You can watch the stream here or here.

See you then!


As livestream regulars probably know already, I often fumble with my words.  I get the feeling that this is a pretty common thing that everyone experiences from time to time.  I have another speech issue, however, and it is as follows:

I sometimes pick the worst combination of words to explain simple things.

Case in point: I was talking with Eric at work yesterday and somewhere along the line the topic turned to diet and its effects on longevity.

I quickly stated that my diet is horrendous, and that I’d most likely die sooner than everyone else in the office.

On a side note, those who know me know this is a standard joke I tell about myself.

“I think I might get there first,” said Eric (paraphrased, naturally)

“Oh no,” I said, “I’ll beat you to death.”

That sentence kind of hung out there for a second.  Now, obviously I didn’t mean that I was going to bludgeon him until his heart stopped beating and his brain functions ceased…

I just meant that if life were to be described as a race with death being the finish line, I’d beat him there.

I’d beat him to death.

I shouldn’t talk while out in public.