Hey guys, bit of a change with the stream this week!  This week’s stream has been moved from Friday to Saturday November 9th at 9pm est.  I apologize for the change, but hope to see you there!  As always, I’ll be doodling your suggestions, listening to Disney music, and will continue the Tales of Symphonia Run afterwards!

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See you Saturday!



The submissions are in and they’re all awesome, huge thanks to everyone who participated!  We’ll pick the winners this week and announce them on Monday!


I felt like there were a lot of Pokemon X/Y comics lately and wanted to change it up.  Naturally I went with Mario Tennis.

That’s topical, right?

In the event that some of you haven’t played Mario Tennis 64, the moment you plant for a shot, you can repeatedly hit your shot button to charge up your power.  The more you charge, increasingly silly amounts lightning surround you, and you’ll put more “oomph” on the hit.

You also can’t move.

While you have the option of canceling out of a charge by hitting Z, in the heat of the moment I more often than not freeze up, causing an otherwise easy to hit ball to fly by while I apparently go supernova.

Side note: I can’t speak for any other Mario Tennis game (I’ve only played MT64), but Boo totally rocks; tricky serve characters are super fun.

It’s also one of the only games that causes me to yell at the TV.

In a good way, though.

I think the novelty of my daily commute is losing its luster, by the way.  While heading home after work on Monday, I heard a train arrive while swiping my card.  Some stations have the turnstiles right by the platform; this was not one of them.

In order to make it to the train, you must head down a hallway and then down a flight of stairs.

But the train had already arrived, there’s no way I could make it in time.

“NO, WE CAN DO IT!” said my brain.

After shoving myself through the turnstile, I bolted down the hallway, scarf and shoulder bag fluttering behind me.  I made it to the top of the stairs and frantically started to descend.

About halfway down the staircase I hear a generic voice say, “Stand clear of the closing doors.”

This is the part of the story where I’d normally give up and wait for the next train.  The doors will have closed by the time I got down there.

Not if we jump the stairs,” offered my brain.

Apparently I decided to completely abandon my basic survival instincts and jump the last six stairs, ungracefully flopping on the floor and diving towards the train car.

I made it.  Nice!

On the other hand, once the train started moving and the adrenaline was gone, I think I realized how stupid that was.  Also, how sore my legs suddenly were.

I’m not made for urban acrobatics.  Or any acrobatics.

Or anything, really.