The next livestream will be this Friday, November 15th at 9pm est!  See you then!

If you happened to miss last week’s stream and wanted to see it, you can check it out here: doodling part, Tales of Symphonia part.


Sooooooooooo little bit of housecleaning first.  It’s time to announce the winners of the costume contest!  Nat, who rocked a Sora costume complete with an awesome Keyblade, Aaron with an incredibly robust Equestrian Military suit (it might be hard to see the patch in the picture below), and Macson who had a ridiculously great Iron Man getup are our winners!  Congrats!

Here are the pics!  Nat has a second pic just showing off the Keyblade:



I’ll be sending your buttons this week!  Also, thanks so much to everyone who entered, it was a ton of fun seeing your costumes!

I can’t remember exactly when, but I feel like I posted something to the effect of “things I learned this week” a while back concerning not eating pomegranates in bed.

If I did, I must issue a retraction: I learned nothing that time.  Why?

Because I did it again on Saturday.

Allow me to repeat (or possibly say for the first time): don’t eat pomegranates in bed.  No matter how great you are at opening those things, you will break one or two of the seeds, and that juice sprays everywhere.

It was on my laptop, its was on my shirt, it was on my sheets…

My bed suddenly became a crime scene.

So yeah… don’t do that.

On a final note, I just started playing the new Phoenix Wright game, and while it’s alright so far, I’ve got to say I’m not a fan of the characters being 3D models.  There was a special charm to the sprite animation of the previous games, and the jerky motions don’t translate well into 3D.

Also, these characters need more fleshed out “idle” animations; some of them don’t move at all (minus blinking) and it just looks freaky.

Otherwise… it’s Phoenix Wright… so it’s awesome!