In consideration of Thanksgiving this week, there won’t be a stream.  Chances are we’ll start up again the following Friday!

If you missed last week’s stream and wanted to catch it here it is!  Doodling part, Sonic Adventure 2 part.

One of you guys asked about the Tales of Symphonia finale not having been saved to the livestream site, and I had planned on uploading it to Youtube over the weekend, but there was an issue with the upload.  Nuts.  I’ll try to get that up soon!


Speaking of Tales, playing it on the livstream got Jackie craving some ToS action herself.  Last I saw she was running around the Meltokio sewers, so chances are she’ll be finishing the game pretty soon.

As far as today’s strip goes, Lloyd often yells out nonsense at the start of battles, and even when facing the tiniest or weakest of enemies, he urges his team to go “ALL OUT!”

He’s a real go-getter, 110% kind of guy.

And now a quick work story.  Two coworkers and I were on our way out of the building to get coffee when suddenly we heard a phone call.

“Your credit card account is in good order, but upcoming financial legislation could change your-”

It was one of those robo-spam calls about credit cards, vacations, and what-have-you.  Anyway, we all looked around, trying to figure out the source of the noise.  I pulled out my phone, thinking I may have received the call and accidentally hit speaker.

Nope.  Nor had anyone else.

I put my hand over the emergency speaker.

It was coming from the emergency line.

I was always under the assumption that pushing the emergency button would give you a direct line to building maintenance, but I guess it would be silly to assume that every building had a guy for that sort of thing.  Apparently most of them are just direct phone lines, which are able to receive calls.

We had a laugh about it, but once I mentioned the story to Rich, he demanded that I learn the elevator’s number… to prank call it when people are inside.

Finally a little bit of housecleaning.  I was notified that the (mostly dead) forums had a bot issue, and upon checking it out, there were tons and tons of posts made by bots.  I attempted to use some restore tools, but in doing so, a lot of posts made by actual users got removed.

I’m kind of bummed out about that.  Over the next few days, I’ll try to figure out the source of the bots, but to anyone who had their content deleted in the restore attempt, I apologize for the collateral damage.

Curse you, bots!