It’s thattimeagain, Black Friday tme.

Wow.  Ok, I’m currently writing this post back home on my mother’s computer, and her spacebar and “I” key only seem to work half the time.

Let’s try that again.

It’s that time again, Black Friday time.

For those of you who read my post concerning the shopping event last year, you’re already aware that I am not fond of Black Friday.  Thankfully, Black Friday doesn’t exist anymore.

The stores are opening Thanksgiving now.

I worked my last Black Friday at a Best Buy in 2011, when the store opened at 12am.  This required us to be at the store late Thanksgiving night to prep.

I stopped by my old store on Wednesday to drop off some Red Bull for my department and was thrilled to learn that they would be opening at 6pm.

On Thanksgiving.

6pm.  6pm.  That basically guarantees that employees won’t be able to spend time with their friends and family.  All in the name of cheap electronics.

Super Duper.

Maybe Boutique Couture has the right idea.

Either way… happy Thanksgiving!