Okie dokey, the next livestream will be this Friday, December 20th at 9pm est!  What with the holidays rearing their mighty heads again, this will most likely be the last stream of the year… so check it out!  I’m not totally sure what game we’ll play after doodling yet, but if everything goes according to plan, I’ll play it until I fall asleep in my chair.

If you ever wanted to hear a random guy pass out while wearing a microphone, this is just the opportunity you were looking for.

See you then!


As a few of you may have heard or experienced, the American Northeast had a bit of snow on Saturday.  Honestly, it wasn’t that much snow in the city (just an inch or two) but that didn’t stop the MTA from completely melting down.

My mission Saturday night was simple: I, who live in Queens, needed to make it to Atlantic Ave/Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn.

Generally, this is an easy trip; just take the N straight there.  I hopped on my train without issue, but once we reached 57th Street, we were treated to the following message:

“Attention passengers, due to the inclement weather causing an incident, N, Q, and R trains are not running to Brooklyn at this time.”

No biggie, I’d just get off at Times Square and transfer to another line.  Once we got to Times Square, however, we heard another message:

“Our bad.  N, Q, and R, trains are totally running to Brooklyn now.”


I stayed on my N train, and we made our way down to Canal Street.  The doors opened and we were treated to another announcement:

“Our bad again, this [poop] is totally not going to Brooklyn.”

(paraphrased again)

Everyone gets off the train displaying varying levels of frustration.  The N we had just vacated remained motionless, and the announcer who we had become so familiar with was nowhere to be found.

That’s when the firemen arrived.

Groups of four to five firemen arrived in little waves, all carrying some kind of tanks on their backs, and each sporting a tool that can only be described as a barbed spear.

Apparently there was a fire on the tracks, or so the mob around me suddenly speculated.

“Attention passengers,” the announcer returned, “for Brooklyn bound service at this station, please take a Brooklyn bound R train.”

Good enough for me.  I followed the mob towards the R platform, and upon arrival, we found…

The gate to the R was locked.

Super cool.

“Attention passengers, for Brooklyn bound service, take the R uptown to Union Square and transfer to a Brooklyn bound 4 or 5 train.”


…and so it went.