Alrighty, the last livestream of 2013 will be this Friday December 20th at 9pm est!  It’s gonna be quite the doozy, as there’s going to be a (slightly) familiar guest!  Rich is gonna be over here Friday night, so be prepared… Rich jokes are coming.

To give you as good a picture of Richard jokes as possible, his favorite joke is:

What’s long, brown, and sticky?  A stick.

He’ll say the joke, and then immediately reach out for a high five.  I’ll never leave him hanging, but it feels… blech.

Anyway, I’ll be doodling your suggestions for a while, and then we’ll switch to playing games!  Chances are we’ll play a handful of co-op stuff.  Wooo!

You can view the stream either here or here.

See you then!


So last year, I was that guy.

What’s that guy?  That guy is the idiot who bought a Steam game the day before Steam Sales started.  In my defense, I totally didn’t know there was a sale coming up at the time, but still… ugh.

I spent the next day messaging Steam support to see if I could get any kind of partial refund, but they refused.

Can’t blame them, though…

I was that guy, after all.

I had forgotten about the incident until two days ago, when I decided to buy some expansions for Borderlands 2.  Just as I was about to hit “purchase for myself,” I remembered last year’s wonderful stupidity.

Sure enough, after taking a look, the next Steam Sale starts December 19th (today!).  Patience… is a virtue.

If for some reason I have the sale date wrong, however, this is an incredibly poorly timed comic…