The next livestream will be this Friday, January 24th at 7pm est!  Some guys have been asking about earlier start times, so I’m slowly moving to earlier start times to see how they feel.  7pm it is for this week!

See you then!


Credit for this strip goes to my friend Rich.  While watching the Awesome Games Done Quick marathon (which raised over one million bucks for the Prevent Cancer Foundation this month), we saw a number of Zelda speed runs.  Most of the tricks used to beat the game as quickly as possible came in the form of glitching through walls by means of bomb jumping or jump slashing at specific locations.

“What if you had a strip,” said Rich (paraphrased, of course), “where Link glitches out of the boxes in the comic?”

I remember saying something to the effect of that being really clever and immediately fell in love with it.  I held off on doing it right away, but now that I back playing Twilight Princess on the livestream, it felt like an appropriate time.

Rich is a clever guy.

The cleverest of guys.

That marathon was amazing, by the way, folks playing game after game without interruption for a week.  Special shoutout to the Super Metroid speedrunners, who had a four man race to finish the game, culminating in a finish that was decided by a split second.

The crowd in the background went wild.

Rich and I went wild on the couch.

That sounds much different now than it did in my head a moment ago.

One other note concerning the livestreams, now that they’re back up and running normally.  It was totally awesome and fun seeing all the regulars again; I love chatting it up with you guys.  For anyone that hasn’t been to one before, come on by for a little while!

Can’t wait to do it again this Friday.

On the unfortunate side of things, the recording of last weeks stream didn’t upload properly, so I’ll hopefully get that up by the end of the day.