Hey!  The next livestream is this Friday, January 24th at 7pm est!  Again, we’re going with an earlier start time in an effort to accommodate the late night crowd.  If all goes well, I might just start doing them in the early afternoon.  Well see!

In addition to doodling your suggestions, the Twilight Princess run will continue, picking up where we last left off: the entrance to the Goron Mines.  Fun!

You can view the stream either here or here.

See you then!


Rich and I have played through just about all of Super Mario 3D world, grabbing every star and stamp save for the last world, which we would have finished had I been able to stay awake at one in the morning that night.

Livestream regulars might guess that I ran out of coffee.  They’d be right; I drank the last of it around 11pm and ran out of gas a couple hours later.

It’s a really fun game, but I hope the Wii U gets some other solid titles quickly, it seems to have a lineup totally devoid of “must have” games.  I’m aware that a bunch of people are excited for the new Smash Bros game, but a console can’t survive just on first party exclusives.

We got a healthy dose of snow on Tuesday, by the way.

As fun as snow is, it’s slippery, causes massive amounts of traffic, and gets muddy super quick.

It also makes people lose stuff, apparently.

While on the sidewalk waiting for the light, I noticed a little wallet-type thing surrounded by two or three inches of snow.  I picked it up, opened it, and inside was an iPhone and an ID card.

The name next to the smiling photo read, “Jenny [McPerson].”  Ms. McPerson had lost her phone, and despite New York being a huge city spanning five boroughs and containing millions of people, I was going to get it back to her.

Unfortunately, the ID card had no number or address listed for me to find, so I started googling her name in the hopes that something promising would come up.

Outside of a linkedin page that I was unable to fully access, there was nothing that I could gather.  I was still standing on the sidewalk being cold and getting snowed on, so I started walking home in order to get warm while searching for Ms. McPerson.

Ring ring ring ring.

Ms. McPerson’s phone buzzed in my hand, a call from “Victor” (if I remember correctly) was coming in.

“Hello, is this Victor?” I asked.

I felt a little stupid asking his name as if I was calling looking for him, but I told him that I had found Jenny’s phone and wanted to give it back.  It turned out that they lived together in an apartment roughly five minutes away for mine.  Awesome!

I walked over, met Victor and Jenny, gave her the phone, and was back inside all warm and toasty in a manner of minutes.

The entire ordeal began and was wrapped up in less than half an hour.