The next livestream is this Friday, February 21st at 7pm est!  I can’t wait to doodle whatever it is you guys come up with next!  Especially while listening to Disney music; you can never go wrong with Disney music.

Once the doodle is done, we’ll continue the Twilight Princess run.  Where we last left off, Link and Midna collected a bunch of alphabet… rune… translation things that set them on a course to repair an ancient cannon that shot them into the heavens!  What secrets/dangers will they discover at the City in the Sky?  Find out on Friday!

You can watch the stream here or here.

See you then!


It feels like it’s been a while since we’ve had a Pokemon strip.  Even though I haven’t played any Pokemon games recently, it’s never a bad time to doodle Chespin!

He’s just the cutest.

Phil the Photo Guy, on the other hand… who knows what his personal gallery contains,,, totally possible he’s a creeper.

On the concept of creepers, I had the pleasure of experiencing a creeper at the grocery store yesterday.  Creeper may not be the right word here, as what happened wasn’t frightening or made me fearful, but I definitely felt uneasy.

While walking down the meats aisle, there was an older woman arguing with a stock clerk about the price of a particular cut.  From the small amount I overheard, the lady declared that the price was too high and did not reflect what the sales guide (a little three to four page magazine showing what was on sale that week) claimed.

The clerk took a look at her guide, and said it was from earlier in the month.

“No!  This is correct!” she declared, exactly as I was walking by.

“Hang on a moment,” I heard her say.  At this point I immediately stopped walking.

Not because I was upset about this person reading the riot act to some random employee who didn’t deserve it (though I was), but because my basket suddenly became extremely heavy.

I turned my head to check was was going on and…

The lady was fishing around my basket, picking up stuff and moving it around.

“Ah hah!” she exclaimed, brandishing the sales guide that was previously at the bottom of my basket.  I’ll admit, I was completely shocked at this lady’s total disregard for other people’s private space.

“Can I borrow this?” she asked afterwards, as if she was being polite.

All I could muster was a completely bewildered stare and then walked away.

“No!  Don’t go anywhere!” she yelled at me, “You’ll get it back!”

Oh, how considerate.

In hindsight, I really wish I stuck around to see whether or not she was correct about the price of the meat.  Though I suppose she’d just complain her way into getting what she wanted should she had been proven wrong.

I get the feeling she’s the type of person who views the word “no” as just a minor obstacle.