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Rich was playing Final Fantasy 8 recently, which gave me the itch to run through it again.  While I’ve played FF8 many times before, I’ve always avoided the in world card game, Triple Triad.

I used to think it was boring.

This time around, however, I’m playing the heck out of the TT, and with GF abilities converting cards into super useful magic and items, I’m tearing through the game like never before.  I used to draw all my magic from enemies…

…like a pleb.

Anyway, on the off chance you haven’t played FF8, or don’t remember much from a game that came out fifteen years ago, the Guardian Force Quetzalcoatl has the “Card” ability.

Squall was so sure those fake IDs were going to work…

…and Zell totally looks like a tatted up Tin Tin.

Finally, a note about snow.  I love snow… I think.  I definitely used to, anyway.  Over the last week it’s snowed about once every three days, and the streets/sidewalks in my area have been reduced to icy nightmares.

Though sliding around while walking is quite the chore, the street corners… oh god the street corners… are even worse.  Every storm drain in the metropolitan area seems to be clogged, and the melting snow and ice pool in the footwells three, four, five inches deep.  Every attempt to cross the streets is met with the sudden surge of water rushing into your shoes.

Even when I wear boots, I am not immune to what my old roommate Chris used to refer to as “Core Breach.”

There is nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, that is more unappealing than walking around wearing wet socks.

It’s just… unpleasant.