Hey!  The next livestream is this Friday, February 14th at 7pm est!  Apologies again for missing last week on short notice; I’m really excited to get things rolling again.  As always, I’ll be doodling your suggestions in the comments, and will be continue the Twilight Princess run afterward!

If I remember correctly, Link and Midna just finished up the Ice Mansion where we last left off… where will they go next?!


You can watch the stream either here or here.

See you then!


Seriously?  A Beauty and the Beast strip?  Why the heck not?!  Those of you familiar with the livestreams know that I listen to a ton of Disney music, oftentimes while doodling the strip.  While making Monday’s comic, “Something there” started playing, and I made a little note about Chip asking his mother what the “something” is.

On a side note, Mrs. Potts is super fun to draw.

Annnnd now for story time!  Like Monday, here’s another story from the ski weekend:

We were playing Cards Against Humanity, a card game similar to Apples to Apples where players choose cards based on prompts in order to be as funny/silly as possible.

My twin sister, Jackie (not to be confused with my roommate, Jackie), while supremely intelligent does not often pick up on simple things.

Especially when those things are vulgar.

During the game, the white card “When you fart and a little comes out” was played.

My sister had this to say, “A little what comes out?”

Cue giggling/facepalming.

To make matters more bizarre, she was sitting right next to me and every time she drew a card that she didn’t understand, she’d have me explain it to her.

On Friday, February 7th, 2014 at roughly 11pm, I had to explain to my sister what a “Glory Hole” was.

Ain’t that something.