Apologies again for having to cancel last week’s stream, some stuff came up, and I really appreciate the positive messages you sent.  Fortunately, it looks like we’ll be returning to a normal livestream schedule, the next one being this Friday, February 14th at 7pm est!

Hope to see you then!


So the camp ski trip was this past weekend, and it was super fun!  Also, what would a ski weekend be without a skiing related strip?  Especially when it’s SkiFree related?

Much better than the last ski weekend update, anyway…

I’m very happy to report that upon arriving home today, I was not ill, nor did I vomit while taking a bath.

This is a huge improvement.

There are a handful of stories from the trip, but to continue off of last week, we must address the cucumber:

I signed up to bring salad ingredients for the weekend, and mentioned that I would attempt to find the “biggest, most suggestively shaped cucumber in Astoria.”

Chances are what I purchased wasn’t the biggest or most suggestively shaped cucumber in Astoria.

It certainly was, however, the biggest and most suggestively shaped cucumber in my local Associated Supermarket.

In the comments below the post, Bane 7415 suggested that I record Dan’s reaction to the cucumber.  I did one better.  I put the cucumber in a box,


wrapped it,



and then recorded Dan opening it.  Here’s the result:


Wonderful stuff right there.  Also, we learn at the end that Dan’s a fan of spinach.

Good to know!