The next stream will be this Friday, March 21st at 7pm est!  Special thanks goes out to livestream regular Darklordtheo for gifting me the current stream game, Dust: An Elysian Tail!  The game is totally fun and great for streaming.  Thanks!

See you guys on Friday!


Speaking of the stream, some of you who were there might remember me saying something to the effect of, “there’s a chance that Monday’s strip will be another one of those weird ones.”

Well, it’s Monday, and here it is.  If you told me two months ago that I’d have two strips involving Angela Lansbury coming up, I… well I might have believed it; generally I try not to dismiss the possibility of anything.

That said, I would have considered it unlikely.  Between the Beauty and the Beast strip and today’s, however, it has happened!  CRAZY!

Despite the popularity of Murder, She Wrote during its run, I don’t think I’ve ever seen the show.  DOESN’T MEAN THERE CAN’T BE A COMIC ABOUT IT!

As I mentioned last week, Jackie’s Whiskey Party took place over the weekend, and it was super fun!  We had whiskey ribs, whiskey dogs, bourbon wings, awesome bean dip, cupcakes, and seven different whiskeys!

Also, the Whiskey Test was bananas.  The regular part of the test can be seen here.  After the question portion, we blindly provide the test takers all the whiskeys we have and they must guess the brands (in addition to two palette cleansers).  This year, Team Mike and Liz aced the taste test, which has never happened before.

Particularly amazing about their accomplishment was the fact that three of the seven whiskeys were bourbons.

Seriously, that’s nuts.

I’d also like to take a second to plug something.  On Friday, I received and email from a fellow named Robin Miller, who over the last eight years has been participating in charity runs and auctions, so far raising 42,000 pounds for a number of Hospital charities.  Robin is very committed to his charity work, which is wonderful!

Anyway, he is currently collecting artwork, doodles, etc. for an auction he’s calling Arty Antics, and asked if I could send him some stuff.  I’ll be sending him some doodles this week, and I hope that you all take a look at his website One4TheMoney to check out the great work he is doing.

Finally, while I’m plugging things, here’s one more!  Our friend A.C. was at the whiskey party and she is yet another one of the folks I know who is an infinitely talented artist.  Make sure to check out some of her work at her tumblr, Perilous Paper!