The next stream is this Friday, March 21st at 7pm est!  You guys will suggest stuff in the comments, and I will doodle them!  You know the drill!

After doodling we’ll continue the Dust: An Elysian Tail run.  Where we last left off, Dust had just defeated the Spirit/Nymph/Thing that controls the flow of water in the cave system under town, freeing her of the evil presence that possessed her.

What will Dust and his companion Fidget do next?  We’ll find out together!

The stream can be viewed here or here.

See you then!


Before we get to regular post stuff, quick shout out to livestream regular Sirmat for gifting me Fez!  Thanks, Sirmat!

Whoa, whoa, whoa… IT’S STRIP 400!

While technically this strip is just like any other and makes no nod to the fact that we’ve piled up another hundred strips, it is kind of neat to think about.

Four hundred times I’ve sat in my roll-y chair (that can’t really roll too well on the carpet) to hammer out a strip.  Four hundred instances of cropping, resizing, saving, saving again, saving a few more times, and saving.  Four hundred uploads (many of them done in Dreamweaver before Bill generously made the current site and Kyle took over hosting).

I’d say four hundred blog posts, but considering that initially there weren’t any… 300 to 340-50sih blog posts.


I have a lot of fun making Corpse Run, but you’re the guys who make it that way.  So… thanks!  Thanks to anyone who’s dived through the archives, thanks to those who’ve sent me emails, thanks to all the halloween costume contestants who have sent in their glamorous photos, thanks to the folks who leave comments on each strip, thanks to the livestream viewers who keep me sane after playing games till two in the morning!

Thanks to anyone who has had even the smallest impact.

You guys rock, and you guys keep me going.

Up next?  Strip 401.