I’m going to be in Atlantic City this weekend, so… no stream this week!  First off, sorry about that!  Second, the next stream will be the following Friday, April 4th.

Sorry again for missing this week, and see you next Friday!

Scratch that!  The next livestream will be this Friday, March 28th at 7pm est!

See you then!


Anyone who’s taken a stroll through the archives might notice that there aren’t many sports related strips; generally I try just to keep to games/life nonsense.  Of the sports strips that are there, I think they’re all related (however tangentially) to the Jets.

They also all have to do with failure.  Today’s strip keeps with that tradition.

It will surprise none of you to learn that I know absolutely nothing about basketball save for a few things, which are as follows:

The ball is orange, there are two hoops, the amount of points a successful basket makes depends on how far away the player was, and something about backcourt violations.

There’s also a player whose last name is similar to Geoffrey Rush’s character in Pirates of the Caribbean…

which is the only reason I know that guy’s name.

Anyway, I know even less about college basketball, so every year Dan invites me to his March Madness pool, I join with the full knowledge that my twenty dollar entry fee will end up in someone else’s pocket.

Yet year after year, I join and lose.

This year, though, this year I’ll totally win.

Or finish in the top three.


Probably not.


My new goal is just to beat Dan, who submitted two brackets.  I’m currently ahead of his “backup” bracket, and only two points behind his main one.  THERE’S HOPE!